What is evaluated during a home inspection?

Below you will find a brief summary of the core components that I will look at during your home inspection.

Roof & Exterior

I will completely evaluate the building envelope as this is one of the most important factors of the home's condition.  How the home and lot carry water away from the building is also examined.

Foundation & Structure

I will seek out defects in the foundation that can lead to costly water intrusion, and evaluate the skeleton of the home, as long as it's visible.

Heating & Cooling

The inspector shall evaluate the heating system(s) and cooling, if present.  Special attention will also be paid to exhaust duct work as these can be leakage points of carbon monoxide.

Ventilation & Insulation

This system is scrutinized carefully because If not properly installed, it can have tremendous negative effects on the comfort of the occupants, and the efficiency of the home's heating and cooling.


All accessible fixtures, drains, toilets and waste pipes will be tested or evaluated.


I will look for any safety hazards or short comings that may be present within a home's electrical system.

Doors, Windows & Interior

Another crucial component of the home's envelope that will be evaluated for functionality and condition.  Windows in particular can be very costly to replace therefore I will assess their current state.

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