Real Estate Agents

Absolute Home Inspections has a simple philosophy when it comes to interacting with you the Real Esate Agent/Broker - "on-demand service and availability." Years of working closely with realtors has resulted in a keen sensitivity to how hard the profession must wotk to bring a real etsate transaction to fruition. How many pieces of the puzzle must fit together and how "time is always of the essence." Absolute Home Inspections makes every effort to conduct your home inspections as and when required! Should you have a Client that is only available on the weekends we will conduct your home inspection on the weekend as required!

We at Absolute Home Inspections recognize how time is a valuable and a scarce commodity in the Real Estate industry. We would be happy to free-up some of your valuable time and also allow you to extend your service offering to your Clients!

How you ask? We can provide you with a link from your web site to our web site and then all you need to do is direct your Clients to click on your web site's link and they can find the Home Inspector of their choice and schedule a time convenient to all.

Contact us and we will make this extension of service happen on our time and expense.

As part of our philosophy of "Going the Extra Mile" if we are not available at the desired time and date we will refer your Clients to other affiliated competent and qualified home inspectors that are available to meet the needs.