Absolute Home Inspections: A Cut Above The Rest!

Dan Slee - NCH, RHI, BSc, MSc, CATM the principle Home Inspector of Absolute Home Inspections possesses unique skill-sets, competencies and experiences that enables him to provide home buyers/sellers with a highly qualified assessment of the present condition, habitability and safety of homes and their systems. His 35+ years of experience in the construction industry as a General Contractor, Sub-Contractor and Developer provide hands-on insights into home structures and systems rarely available to the home inspector

Having performed countless renovations in all regions of Ottawa-Carleton has resulted in familiarity with existing building methods, soil conditions and inherent problems associated with building structures from the 1800's to present day. Armed with this knowledge and experiences Dan is able to identify the telltale signs of possible problems and advise Clients accordingly.

Most often a Home Inspection is performed as the last condition of purchase or sale. The homebuyer has found that "just-right" home and wants assurance of habitability, structural integrity and safety. Very rarely is any home in perfect condition and all homes require ongoing maintenance and repair. Accurate cost estimations* of any and all defects discovered during the home inspection usually has a significant influence on your purchasing decision. It is our fiduciary responsibility to provide you with sound advice and we go-that-extra-mile and sit down with our clients and thoroughly explain the what, when and how-much of repairs, maintenance, upgrades and replacements of the home in question.

Business success is founded in knowing the needs of your Clients and meeting and exceeding their needs and expectations. We fully realize the importance of buying or selling a home and all the emotions attached to such a huge decision! It is our responsibility to provide our Clients with all the information on the present condition of the home to allow an informed decision to be made.