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Home Buyers, Sellers and Owners:

The Benefits of a Professional Home Inspection to You

For the vast majority, the purchase and sale of a home is the single biggest financial decision of their lives! A professional home inspection completed by a qualified Home Inspector provides the potential home buyer/seller with the necessary information to make an informed decision on proceeding with the transaction.

Buying/selling a home involves a series of critical and important decisions. Once you have found that dream house that is just right for you, hiring a home inspector to educate you about the present condition of your new home is a sound and wise decision. This also holds true when buying a brand new home, whether it is a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) or the one year warranty inspection; the additional peace of mind that a professional home inspection offers is invaluable.

A home inspection provides the home buyer with an understanding of a home's present condition, habitability and safety. The professional inspector will perform a comprehensive visual inspection to assess the condition of the house and its systems. Inspections are intended to provide the client with a better understanding of property conditions, as observed at the time of the inspection.

We highly recommend and encourage the purchaser to attend the inspection and accompany the inspector in his analysis of the home systems.

Whom Can You Trust?

Choosing an a certified professional home inspector means you are choosing a professional you can trust to objectively, independently and apart from anyone's interests other than your own, provide you with a comprehensive, impartial analysis of the home's major systems and components.

The Inspection Report

At the conclusion of the inspection your inspector will present the findings in a comprehensive computer generated and printed Inspection Report that is exclusive to Absolute Home Inspections. Our report includes an in-depth Description, Observations, Positive Attributes, Major Concerns, Safety Issues, Repair, Improve, Monitor Items and Deferred Cost Items for the Seven Systems that make up the home. The Summary provides you with a concise synopsis of potentially significant improvements that should be budgeted for over the short term. Our Maintenance and Replacement Cost Guide Section provides you with the average cost in Ottawa for system replacements and upgrades. The computer generated and printed Inspection Report on the condition of your house is completed on site by the inspector and you have the option of receiving your report in hard copy, CD/DVD or as an e-mail PDF file.

Our Standards

Absolute Home Inspections, as a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), strictly adheres to the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics ensuring competency, impartiality and integrity in the practice of home inspections on behalf of our valued clients.